The Best Kept Secrets of the IRS that all Americans Should Know!

Exposes the Illegal nature under which the Internal Revenue Service currently operates as it has been since 1914, a year after the Federal Reserve act was “passed” in congress (merely because Rockefeller’s so in-law Senator Aldrich pushed the vote through on Christmas Eve when most of congress was home for the holidays. Is it mere coincidence that the IRS, a service who collect internal revenue of which at minimum 80 percent of the taxes go to pay the national domestic debt owed to the Private Banking Institution known as the Federal Reserve which has been unconstitutionally  delegated the responsibility of stabilizing markets, regulating the value of the currency, and have essentially a total private monopoly on the US dollar and hence also the rest of the world for now as long as the petrodollar and dollar remain the worlds reserve currency. It is ironic how the Fed, if not private, would charge interest to the government of the U.S. if that interest was, as the treasury website claims, returned annually to the treasury; however, charging interest from a purely economic standpoint, only serves the lender to make profit, therefore the Fed, which is suppose to be accountable to the government as an independent agency, should only be charging interest (aka making profit) from you and me as taxpayers if they were a privately owned Bank owned and run by the international Ashkenazi Jewish Banking Dynasties (i.e. Rothchilds, Morgans, Rockefellers, Astors, Bundy’s, Collins, Du Pont’s, Kennedy’s, Onassis, Reynolds, among a few others.) These Global Elite Illuminist have infiltrated every part of the world with their lewd banking practices. The only immune states left in the world are Iran and North Korea. For example Iran prohibits charging interest, which is exactly how our founding fathers intended it: for the government to coin its own money, regulate its value, and lend at zero interest for the benefit of all americans. 


Eris Unveiled

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Discordia: The Elixir of Chaos

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